World Headache Society

Perspectives in Headache Medicine

Perspectives in Headache Medicine

What We Do

We promote headache science in underdeveloped countries, developing economies, heavily indebted poor countries and economies in transition.

We are providers of headache education to modern medical practitioners as well as qualified and licensed alternative systems of medicine practitioners.

About Us

The “World Headache Society” is a charitable trust with a primary mission to reduce the burden of headaches and facial pains. Our commitment lies in promoting high quality research and provision of specialized care accessible to all individuals , with special emphasis on developing countries where access to such care is often limited .

Our Mission

Incorporate cultural intelligence and tacit knowledge sharing to educate and credential clinicians in headache medicine and to empower patients through advocacy.

Our Vision

To bridge gaps and empower healthcare professionals and patients within those countries which are historically underrepresented and underprivileged.


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