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Headache neurology is an established sub-specialisation of neurology in Western Europe and North America. The rest of the world aspires to achieve similar levels of excellence. This warrants high quality education provided by key opinion leaders in headache medicine. This would also need to be reinforced by patient education and advocacy. We are providers of headache medicine education to modern medical practitioners as well as qualified and licensed alternative systems of medicine practitioners. We promote headache science in underdeveloped countries, developing economies, heavily indebted poor countries and economies in transition. Our integrative medicine approach aims to usher in a harmony in physical, mental, social and spiritual health

Our Mission

Incorporate cultural intelligence and tacit knowledge sharing to educate and credential clinicians in headache medicine and to empower patients through advocacy

Our Vision

To bridge gaps and empower healthcare professionals and patients within those countries which are historically underrepresented and underprivileged.


Together We Can Provide Better Life to All African Children

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